How to "fool" a man

It is obvious that men prefer young women more often. However, it is worth knowing to women that the stronger sex is poorly oriented at the age of the weak. And this is only for the benefit of a woman.It turns out that ladies can mislead and "fool" even the most experienced connoisseur of women. It has been proven by numerous studies that there are things in which men at a subconscious level are convinced of a certain age of a woman.What convinces them of our youth?The first is smooth, tender, slightly moist lips. Therefore, it is better to use lipstick of pinkish or golden shades. Remember about the gloss that is applied to the middle of the lower lip, on the lipstick.Secondly, eyebrows should not be very thin. Naturally, eyebrows open the eyes, but narrow ones age the lady very much. You need to tint your eyebrows with a special coloring agent or a tinting gel. It looks like mascara.Third, there should be a natural hair color without gray hair. Gray strands make a man more attractive and more solid, but glimpses of gray hair in a woman play the opposite role. If your hair is naturally light, then color it in honey, golden, caramel color.Let the chocolate shade have dark hair from birth. No resin luster and pearly radiance. Do not forget about the voluminous hairstyle, as the hair becomes thinner over the years.Manicure and rings are of great importance. A woman's hands look younger if she does a manicure and wears rings. After all, the first signs proving age appear not on the face, but on the hands. Choose a varnish of light shades. Pink is more suitable. This is the best option.Clothes are desirable fitted, skirts are not long. Men are not attracted to women in loose attire, even in a very stylish one. If your figure has not become the same as in your youth, it is better to wear fitted jackets to the middle of the thigh or just below the waist.When you put on trousers, then get a light tunic to go with them. It can be worn instead of a jacket. Mini-length and fitted silhouette will make your look ten years younger. A skirt up to the middle of the knee or slightly covering it will fit you and make you look younger.Visually, high-heeled shoes will also help to lose a few years. Heels like nothing else are more often associated with sexuality and youth.Bracelets, earrings, beads also give a special charm. It is not so important that it is expensive jewelry or simple jewelry. Men, it turns out, love everything shiny more than women. They can't afford such weaknesses, so they pay attention to women who are not indifferent to jewelry.Let this useful information help you lure these naive and gullible men into the web of love. I often thought how cool it would be to do nothing and the money would fall on you from the sky and before I thought that this is only possible in the movies or something like that but it turned out that I was wrong and it is possible and the site and maybe even very easy that is most important, so I advise this site if you have a desire to make money he is definitely your choice so go faster online casino and make money.