Studio apartment in Moscow

Citizens who came out of the Soviet Union got used to two types of apartments that many received a few decades ago: cramped Khrushchevki with narrow aisles and walk-through rooms, and Stalinka with high ceilings. Many have criticized them, however, modern types of apartments have borrowed something from the small-scale apartments of the past.In the last decade, such a type of apartment as a studio apartment has been slowly and unobtrusively entering the everyday life of Muscovites. This American version of student housing is gradually taking root in the capital of Russia.The options for delimiting the apartment-studio spaces are an excellent solution for designers. Each owner of such an apartment has the opportunity to independently create the interior that is preferable to him. At the same time, he will not have to demolish the walls and move them, making out a huge number of documents and going through a lot of instances. The studio apartment is ready for your design. Any owner can create partitions and divide the room into several parts, but it is not necessary to build walls for this, there are a lot of other options.You can divide the space of a studio apartment, both completely and partially limiting visibility. You can completely fence off some space of the apartment with the help of racks and cabinets that can be easily moved. It is possible to install a more permanent plasterboard wall where it is you who want it, and not the developer company. You can partially divide the apartment into sectors with flower shelves (while their height can cover the space, both for half of the room and up to the ceiling), an aquarium, the kitchen is most often separated from the living room by a bar counter. Even a high mirror will be an excellent divider of the apartment space.Visually divide the room into sectors can be due to the height of the room: by raising the floor level or lowering the ceiling. For example, by building a podium in the kitchen, you will separate it from the rest of the space, it will turn into a fully-fledged separate room, but it will not lose connection with the rest of the room. You will achieve the same effect if you stretch the suspended ceiling not in the entire apartment, but only on a certain part.Advantages of studio apartments This type of apartment, where a kitchen and rooms are combined in a small space, is suitable for people who prefer freedom and lightness. The absence of partitions increases the visual space and creates a sense of spaciousness and freedom. For small apartments, this is a great option for their visual expansion. If you get tired of the monotonous interior, then the redevelopment of the studio apartment will not require much effort from you precisely because of the lack of capital walls in it. This means that you can update the interior quickly, easily and as often as you wish. And the price of studio apartments is quite within the power of not the most affluent Muscovites. Outside such a cool weather, but if you go out with a girl to walk around then immediately need the money because some shopping one another but for me for example it is not a problem for you, I advise you site for earning because once it was also a problem for me, but after what I learned about this site I no longer see the problem and make money in any quantity which you want and that only in online casinos thanks!